Deflate DDoS attacks.

Take control of link management.

Application availability is critical, but unresponsive ISP connections can bring the whole system to a grinding halt. BIG-IP Link Controller manages and reroutes connections based on link type and quality, ensuring that users have a better experience while reducing downtime.

Better links for better availability.

Comprehensive link monitoring provides an overall view of inbound and outbound link performance. With better visibility, BIG-IP Link Controller quickly responds to connection demands at any given moment, redirecting traffic as needed and keeping your application available.

If you can see and understand it, you can stop it.

You make the rules.

BIG-IP Link Controller works with the iRules scripting language, so you can customize how traffic routes over multiple WAN links and defined TCP/IP parameters. iRules lets you
implement policies based on application type, service quality, and client types, resulting in more reliable connections and better user experience.

May the best link win.

BIG-IP Link Controller tests link performance, then routes users to the best possible connection. This active monitoring adjusts to variables like throughput, traffic flow, and ISP
availability, increasing application performance and redistributing traffic to reduce link saturation.

Traffic on your terms.

Efficient bandwidth saves money and improves performance. By classifying and prioritizing traffic, BIG-IP Link Controller lets you determine how traffic resources are used. Identify
critical traffic or applications for special handling by upstream routers, set spike and burst limits, and aggregate inexpensive links to lower bandwidth costs.

Better together.

F5’s products, technologies, and solutions work together to make sure your applications are always protected and work the way they should. Extend the effectiveness of BIG-IP Link Controller by combining it with the following products.

BIG-IP LocalTraffic Manager (LTM)

Provides intelligent traffic management as well as advanced application security, acceleration, and optimization.


Directs users to the best-performing data center to optimize app performance. Secures your infrastructure and keeps apps online during high query volumes and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager (AAM)

Overcomes WAN latency, maximizes server capacity, and speeds application response times