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Managed Services

CubixCare Managed Services

Taking the Complexity off of our customer’s shoulders.

Versatile Service Models

Choose Your Fit: Remote, Onsite, or Hybrid Services tailored to meet your needs.

Experience, Expertise, Efficiency

Leverage our decades of experience, strong expertise, & unmatched efficiency.

Around-The-Clock Support

24/7 assistance featuring Priority Call Routing and Dedicated Support Teams.

Customisation & Proactive Protection 

Tailored solutions, strategic Threat Prevention, ensuring IT infra protection.

Empowering your Enteprise: Advanced Managed IT Services

Tailored for Your Business Needs

Discover the breadth of our CubixCare Managed Services, designed to fortify your digital operations with cutting-edge security and infrastructure solutions.

Advanced Managed IT Services

Our Trusted Services Clientele

Our Managed Services Expertise

Network Visibility & Control

Increase awareness and take complete control of the data present in your organisation - while ensuring it remains secure throughout. Unlock the power of your data with CubixTech.

Web Application Security

Deliver, manage and secure APIs as well as the infrastructure used to host them, regardless of your architecture. Mitigate today's advanced threats and continue moving your business forward.


Identify misconfiguration issues and compliance risks in the cloud efficiently - while securing and managing your data.

Load Balancers

Distribute network or application traffic across a number of servers efficiently to ensure 24/7 uptime with CubixTech.

Cybersecurity Services

From API Security and Advanced WAF to DDoS/DNS protection and SD-WAN, our Cybersecurity Solutions cover the full application & network spectrum to secure your digital landscape.

IT Infrastructure Services

Secure your IT infrastructure with CubixTech's integrated solutions, offering enhanced Network Visibility, Local Traffic Management, and Load Balancing for optimal performance and control.

Cloud Security & Services

Navigate the complexities of cloud environments with our expertise in Distributed Cloud (XC) Services, our Unified Data Model (SideScanning), & Unified SASE Solutions.

Our commitment

Our commitment to your success

Why us: sneak peek from CT Corporate Profile

Experience the transformative impact of CubixTech's Managed Services. Gain cost & time efficiency & scale your business, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives that drive success 

Managed Services Catalogue

A brief intro to CubixTech's Managed, Professional, & Implementation Services. Download now

Our Professional Services

Design, Planning & Reflection

Reflecting both your low and high level design requirements including scalability, high availability, network and data security, and performance.

Implementation & Installation

Providing a full suite of installation and implementation services ranging from project management, quality control testing, and third-party integration.

Operations Post Deployment

Resident engineers are available to you around the clock to identify, isolate, and repair any faults that may occur in your system. Post-deployment activities also include onsite and offsite training courses.

System Optimisation

Following a successful installation, the ultimate focus becomes running your system at full optimisation according to your timeline and requirements. System optimisation also includes pre & post deployment audits of your installation.
Secured Service

Begin Your Managed Services Journey

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