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Managed Services

Your managed services managed better.

At CubixTech, we understand the importance of efficient and secure managed services. That's why we take a dynamic approach to managing your IT infrastructure, proactively monitoring and maintaining your systems to keep them running smoothly.

What we do

We partner with the best in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to excellence ensures we use the best components to power our solutions. Our partners have acknowledged the world over for their technologies and products.

Our Technologies

CubixTech partners with the best in the industry to offer cutting-edge technology to our customers. 

Managed Security Services

Secure your business with our comprehensive managed services. Our experts will proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure, ensuring that your systems are always running at optimal performance.

Cloud Security Services

Protect your business in the cloud with our expert cloud security and management services. We can help you with securing your cloud infrastructure, platform and software as a service from threats and vulnerabilities.

Application Delivery

Maximise application performance and security with our Application Delivery Controller solution. Our solution is designed to help your company ensure maximum uptime, improve application performance and protect your company's sensitive data. 

Network Security, Visibility, Control

Gain visibility and control of your network with our network visibility solutions. Our solutions provide real-time insights and analytics of network traffic, enabling you to quickly identify and resolve network performance issues and security threats.

DDOS & DNS Security

Protect your online presence with our DDoS and DNS security solutions. Our solutions provide advanced DDoS mitigation and DNS protection to ensure that your website and applications are always available to your users.

Firewall, WAF/AWAF

Stay protected with our Next-generation firewall (NGFW) solution. Our NGFW offers advanced threat prevention capabilities, deep visibility and powerful management tools, and enables you to effectively protect your network from advanced cyber threats.

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Our Technology Alliances

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