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A Guide to Managed Security Services & Top 10 Best Managed Security Service Providers

The Necessity of MSSPs in Modern Cybersecurity - role, importance & impact, top providers.

Future of cybersecurity

The Role of a Managed Service Provider

In the year 2024 and with Industrial Era 6.0, technology is the oil that runs every machine whether - hardware-based, software-based, or both. Without the use of modern computing and technology, industries would lack every advancement we know today, and rapid changes would be difficult to impossible at the rate at which industries have grown worldwide. Today, cybersecurity is basic and essential, without it, global institutions and industries would perish albeit slowly if not rapidly. This is where a Managed Security Services Provider comes in.

Historically, a few ISPs started to sell firewall equipment to their customers, and if the customer wanted, the ISP would even take care of the firewall. The foundation of the MSSP is this managed security solution, which is included in ISPs' service offerings.

In this article we provide information about the importance of MSSPs, why a company or institution needs it, what MSSPs do, and the 10 best MSSPs in the market.

The Importance of MSPs

Lack of cybersecurity could easily be a domino effect of events causing banks, universities, government institutions, medical institutions, and many more vital institutions and industries to rely on digital functions and record keeping to simply stop.

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the reality is that threats are not only inevitable but are also on a relentless rise. However, the power lies not in the ability to control these threats but in how effectively they are managed and neutralised. A managed services provider ensures that complete digital security services are provided to ensure maximum security against threats and combat any vulnerabilities with constant updates to these security systems. Managed Firewalls, Application Security Services, Network Visibility, Cloud Services, Virtual Private Networks, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Screening & Testing, Endpoint Security are a few offerings.

10 Best Managed Security Service Providers

While our below list showcases the industry's leading MSPs, known for their extensive resources and global reach, CubixTech brings a distinctive approach to managed services. As a smaller MSP, we offer the expertise, personalised attention and tailored solutions that larger firms might not provide. This agility and focus on customisation allow us to address specific security needs effectively, making CubixTech an ideal partner for businesses seeking dedicated support and innovative security strategies.

1. F5

F5 has been a reliable partner to businesses in various sectors, offering enterprise-grade Application Delivery, Web Application & API Security, Distributed Cloud, and other security services.

Service providers (like CubixTech: top F5 partner in India) may supply the ideal combination of managed services that match their client's business objectives with the help of the F5 Managed Application Delivery and Security Service, which provides a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, knowledge, and assistance.

2. IBM

With its cutting-edge and comprehensive array of corporate cybersecurity services and solutions enhanced with AI, IBM Security collaborates with you to help safeguard your company. They employ zero trust concepts as part of their contemporary security strategy to help you prosper in the face of cyber threats and uncertainties.

Whether businesses want an IAM, unified endpoint management, data security, endpoint protection, XDR, SIEM, or SOAR solution, IBM specialists are prepared to collaborate with their clients to attain a high-security posture.

IBM may be a choice for companies due to its experience in technology and security, and its reputation, however, IBM can also come with its own cost depending on budget allocations of the company.

3. Fujitsu

Having worked in secure environments for more than 40 years, Fujitsu intelligence-led security provides you with the technology and tools you need to effectively manage your cyber security. 

Experience total event visibility to spot risks early on and regular system monitoring to find holes before they are taken advantage of. In the meantime, external information gives you a broad picture of both your overall cyber security posture and new and emerging threats.

Fujitsu MSS adapts quickly to evolving techniques and objects that need to be monitored. In particular, the fraud behaviour analysis service based on the AD authentication log allows for fine-tuning based on the user's context of use and ensures Active Directory security. 

4. Verizon

Verizon holds 20 years of expertise in cyber security including being a Managed Security Services Provider. Numerous security equipment at your different sites are managed and monitored by Verizon's Managed Security Services Premises. A hosted Local Event Collector at one of our Security Management Centres is connected to your devices by a Connection Kit. 

You may choose from top-notch goods, safeguard your previous technological investments, and stay away from vendor lock-in with this vendor-neutral solution. Threat data is produced by your security equipment as logs or events. Verizon uses its in-house correlation and categorisation technologies to gather this threat data in almost real-time, which is then sent to its Security Analytics Platform. The platform elevates security events that are most likely to be dangerous and filters out innocuous ones.

5. Global IP Networks

Tailored to fit the demands of clients, Global IP Networks provides a wide range of managed services, such as secure colocation, network monitoring and administration, backup and recovery from disasters, data migration, and more.

They provide a range of cloud solutions, such as tailored infrastructure, security upgrades, compliance accountability, and private, public, and hybrid cloud choices.

6. Wipro CyberSecurity

Managed Security Services (MSS) from Wipro stand out due to its worldwide reach, which is enhanced by localisation and regional presence. HFS has positioned Wipro as one of the Top 10 Cybersecurity Service Providers for 2022 in its research. The research evaluated the effectiveness with which service providers assist their corporate clients in strengthening their cybersecurity posture, and it was published in July 2022.

Advanced cyber defence centres, cybersecurity platforms, and managed security infrastructure and operations are all included in Wipro's managed security services.

7. Trustwave

Three strategies are used by Trustwave, a top supplier of managed security detection and response services, to provide cybersecurity. They concentrate on their service portfolio, people, and platforms. Trustwave is committed to innovation, development, and threat intelligence, and it has its internal security research lab.  

Consulting and expert services, managed detection and response, vulnerability and penetration testing, email security, database security, and more are all included in the Trustwave package.

8. Symantec

Many cybersecurity professionals utilize Symantec Managed Security Services, which has over 20 years of experience, due to its comprehensive capacity to monitor and correlate with the worldwide threat landscape. This product's distinctive approach to large data analysis (Bid Data Analytics) allows it to accomplish this.

With the help of big data analytics and round-the-clock security monitoring, Symantec Managed Security Services (MSS) gives you the strategic insights you need to identify critical incidents, prioritise them, and develop the plans necessary to safeguard the resources, viability, and reputation of your company.

9. Tata Communications

The comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services (MSS) offered by Tata Communications, an award-winning company, enhances security efficacy by protecting networks, emails, cloud workloads, and endpoints against ransomware, insider threats, and other malware. Our MSS can reduce the mean time to detect and respond (MTTD and MTTR) by detecting, preventing, containing, and responding to threats more quickly.

Security teams purchase up to 34 security technologies that are not integrated to defend against a range of cyber threats. This lack of integration causes poor visibility, longer detection times, alert storms, manual alert triage, and a growing skill gap.

10. SecurityHQ

With Security Operation Centres located all around the globe, SecurityHQ has developed into one of the most cutting-edge Managed Security Service providers in the world since its founding in 2003. SecurityHQ is an instantaneous threat detection and response global managed security services provider. SecurityHQ is your security partner, just like CubixTech, monitoring and responding to threats on your behalf. 

With Global Security Operation Centers, you can get comprehensive visibility and individualised assistance to provide peace of mind. To speed up business, lower risk, and save overall security expenses, make use of people, process skills, expertise, and award-winning security solutions.


There are a range of MSSPs in the market, the best ones depends on your company's specific needs. While our exploration of the 10 Best Managed Security Service Providers in the market has showcased a range of industry leaders, CubixTech stands as India's leading provider of cybersecurity and cloud security products and solutions, with a specialisation in managed services for a comprehensive range of security technologies, network, cloud, application, and IT infrastructure needs.

CubixTech's role in securing your digital landscape

Our robust partnerships with over 10 'Global Best of Breed' IT & Solution companies globally position us uniquely to offer unparalleled IT solutions and services.CubixTech distinguishes itself through deep expertise across a broad spectrum of managed services, professional and implementation services. Our team's proficiency in cutting-edge technologies ensures that we deliver not just services, but comprehensive solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project we undertake. Check us out today!


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