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Tips From Experts To Buy WAAP Solutions

WAAP Solutions

The web application security industry has changed to keep up with the emerging digital economy. The web application firewall (WAF) has shown to be a useful technique for minimizing application vulnerabilities in the convergence of WAF, API security, bot management, and DDoS mitigation into WAAP solutions to protect apps and customer accounts from compromise, downtime, and account takeovers.

Leaders in security and risk management must defend the business by safeguarding apps and APIs while keeping up with business demands. Friction, manual tweaking, and time-consuming remedies must be reduced while optimizing the client experience. As a result, more businesses are looking toward cloud-based, as-a-service solutions to help manage the complexity of safeguarding digital interactions. 

What’s WAAP? 

Organizations that seek to provide secure digital experiences gain a competitive edge by securely releasing application innovation that satisfies customers. However, shifting dynamics in application design and deployment have increased the attack surface, necessitating a paradigm shift in security delivery. 

Why the Pressing Need for WAAP? 

Innovation and widespread use of the cloud have resulted in several designs and interdependencies between application components. Traditional three-tier web stacks and historical programs are being modified or replaced by contemporary apps that use decentralized architecture, such as containers and microservices, to enable API-to-API communication. 

Cloud-native toolkits and business continuity have accelerated the use of numerous clouds. Easily accessible mobile applications and API interfaces that shorten the time to market are critical to preserving a competitive edge in a market defined by constant digital innovation. 

What Makes for a Good WAAP? 

Because of the difficulty of protecting web apps and APIs against a continual barrage of attacks and misuse, cloud-delivered as-a-service WAAP solutions are gaining popularity. These platforms have arisen from a diverse range of businesses, including CDN incumbents, application delivery pioneers, and security vendors that have moved into adjacent sectors through acquisition. 

Why Do Organizations Need WAAP? 

Business executives are dealing with exceptional disruption and uncertainty as the speed of digital transformation accelerates, acting as a catalyst to better align and develop partnerships among security and application teams. The complexity of maintaining both vintage and contemporary apps has caused friction between security and app teams, consumer unhappiness, and a chance for attackers. 

  • Complexity 

The most significant obstacle is complexity, which is caused by the proliferation of architectures as a result of the ongoing need to supply capabilities and features to achieve a competitive edge. For example, the need to innovate rapidly has resulted in the widespread use of third-party interfaces via APIs, which may provide unanticipated hazards to the firm. 

  • Legacy and Modern Applications 

Architectural decentralization and current software development have resulted in a diverse collection of assets that must be safeguarded, considerably raising the danger of breach as businesses retain both old programs and new digital catalogs. While three-tier bespoke web stacks in the data center remain relevant, cloud, microservices, and container technologies, such as APIs, have enabled an explosion of innovation that application teams may use to expand their digital capabilities. 

  • Friction and Frustration 

Security teams may struggle to keep up with frequent feature and code releases that include open-source and third-party components, resulting in missed opportunities and internal friction. With so many options to buy in the digital economy, buyers have become accustomed to friction caused by excessive verification that impedes their ability to trade. 

Customer expectations are also driving the deployment of digital touchpoints closer to the edge since any performance snag can result in transaction, revenue, and even customer desertion. 

  • Attacker Economics 

The difficulties of controlling legacy and decentralized contemporary apps have increased the economic appeal of cybercrime. A steady stream of vulnerabilities, weaponized exploits, and compromised credentials expands the danger surface, while sophisticated automated tools and widely accessible botnet infrastructure offer attackers a lucrative return on investment. The most skilled criminals and state actors are not readily discouraged, and they continuously retool to avoid discovery. 

  • Deployment 

Effective and simple security installs reliably across clouds and architectures, interacts with CI/CD pipelines, and receives constant threat intelligence updates. 

  • Discovery 

Dynamic API discovery, along with anomaly detection and behavioral analysis, protects against unexpected consequences in the emerging digital economy. 

  • Policy Tuning 

Adaptive security, which adjusts as programs and attackers change, continually reduces the risk of compromise and misuse. 

  • Authentication

Accurate and durable telemetry with highly trained AI eliminates the need for stringent security requirements that degrade the client experience. 

  • Remediation 

Automatic false positive suppression and insight correlation across attack vectors reduce operational responsibilities, allowing InfoSec to concentrate on risk management and incident response. 

At CubixTech, we've had the pleasure of serving a diverse range of clients, from startups to large corporations, across various industries. We use adaptive security to defend applications and WAAP solutions across clouds and architectures adapt in real-time when apps evolve and attackers retool, relieving InfoSec from bespoke authentication rule administration and false positive mitigation. This enables security and risk management experts to protect the organization while encouraging digital innovation.

At CubixTech, we're not just a technology company; we're pioneers in IT security solutions & services with almost 75% of Fortune 100 companies as our customers. With global deployments in 18+ countries & partnerships with over 10 Global Best of Breed IT Solutions companies, we offer unparalleled global IT solutions, services, & customized support for your business's digital needs.  Reach out to us today


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