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Top Citrix Replacement with F5 In 2024

A Golden Opportunity for NetScaler Customers

Infographic for CubixTech promoting the transition to F5 solutions, highlighting 'Why F5 is the Future for Former Citrix NetScaler Users' with imagery of a person ascending steps towards an open F5 shield icon, symbolizing protection and advancement in cybersecurity and tech innovation as an F5 Partner.

Last year, Citrix was acquired by private equity firms and announced a restructuring of their strategy to focus solely on the top one thousand accounts. With that, they also made the decision to end of sale (EoS) NetScaler (Citrix ADC) perpetually licensed hardware (MPX, SDX) and perpetual software (VPX/BLX). This leaves thousands of unhappy NetScaler customers. As a Citrix customer, the time to explore a transition to F5 is now, and CubixTech stands ready to guide you through this pivotal journey.

As a top F5 Gold Partner and Managed Services Provider, CubixTech recognises the concerns and potential unease faced by thousands of Citrix NetScaler customers during these transitions. Our aim is not just to highlight a path forward but to walk alongside businesses seeking stability, innovation, and be a partner committed to your growth and digital resilience.

F5’s primary focus remains application delivery, even if it has expanded to incorporate increased security. Because of this concentration, F5 has been able to continue developing, changing, and acquiring businesses that share its purpose of application delivery and security. 

On July 18, 2023, Citrix released a security bulletin identifying three vulnerabilities in NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway. The exploits on were seen on unmitigated appliances in the wild were described in this advisory.

About 2,000 Citrix NetScalers were compromised in automated massive attack campaigns recorded in 2023, hence a Citrix Replacement and migration is necessary today.

Citrix vs. F5: The Security Perspective

Recent exploits targeting Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway highlight the ever-present risks in digital environments. F5's distributed cloud infrastructure and comprehensive security products, including Advanced WAF and DDoS Hybrid Defender, offer a robust defence against such vulnerabilities, ensuring that your digital assets remain secure.

Citrix has been a key player in providing virtualisation and cloud computing solutions. However, with recent vulnerabilities and strategic shifts leaving some customers looking for alternatives, F5 presents a compelling proposition. F5's dedication to application delivery and security, bolstered by smart acquisitions, positions it as the ideal successor for those seeking to upgrade their digital infrastructure

A Citrix Replacement (specifically Citrix NetScaler ADC) in 2024 is important for safety and security reasons, which is mentioned in this article ahead.

F5's Edge: A Closer Look

With F5, businesses gain access to a suite of solutions designed to ensure the optimal performance and security of their applications. From BIG-IP's versatile capabilities to the cutting-edge Velos and rSeries platforms, F5 doesn't fail to deliver top-notch services.

Promotional graphic for CubixTech showcasing 'The F5 Advantage' with key benefits including Flexible Licensing, Advanced Security, Scalability, Seamless Transition, Success Stories, and Innovative Tech, reinforcing CubixTech's commitment to integrating security and enhancing technology at

A Citrix replacement with F5 is important to protect your institution or business from the threats of cybersecurity and other vulnerabilities. Migrating to F5, updating, as well as patching to the latest versions is vital.

Partnering with CubixTech

Choosing CubixTech as your partner in this transition isn't just about upgrading your technology—it's about investing in a partnership that values your business's continuity and growth. As a gold F5 partner and a top managed services provider, we bring unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence in every project.

The Path Forward:

Migration to a new platform can seem daunting, but with CubixTech, it's a seamless process. Our approach includes a thorough assessment, strategic planning, and meticulous execution, ensuring that your transition to F5 is smooth and successful. We understand the challenges and are here to ensure that your business reaps the benefits of this transition without any disruptions.

In the digital age, staying ahead means choosing partners and solutions that not only address today's challenges but are also prepared for tomorrow's opportunities. Transitioning from Citrix to F5 with CubixTech offers a pathway to enhanced performance, security, and reliability.

As your business evolves, so should your digital infrastructure. Embrace the future with F5 and experience the CubixTech difference. Let's embark on this journey together, shaping a secure and efficient digital landscape for your business.

About us: CubixTech stands as India's leading provider of cybersecurity and cloud security products and solutions, with a specialisation in managed services for a comprehensive range of security technologies, network, cloud, application, and IT infrastructure needs. Based in India with presence in Asia Pacific, USA, & now the UK, with almost 75% of Fortune 100 companies as customers, our global deployments are in 18 countries.


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